Enjoy the Tokyo nightlife! Kagayaki is Luxury Delivery health

24 Hours Open



Flow of use our service


Holidays: Open 365 days a year
Open: 24 hours a day
Area of operations Private residences and hotels within any of the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Credit Card Acceptance Policy

  • If you pay by credit card, the billing name on your credit card details is (NTOE0570-050-080).
  • And,If you want to pay by credit card, the staff or the cast girl will check if your credit card name and ID name are the same.
  • Please understand that if the names are not the same, you cannot use them.
  • Please understand that if you pay by credit card, the handling fee will be added by 7%.
  • Thank you.


●Unfortunately, very few of our staff are able to speak foreign languages. However, they can get by on a little English. When you call us, please try to:
  • - State your requirements
  • - In English
  • - Very slowly

Flow our service

Required Information

  • The name of the client (the name used to check in or the name of the person who checked in if staying at city hotels.) Please also let us know your nationality.
  • The name of your hotel, your room number, and the name under which you checked in. (We check your room number with calling the internal telephone to make sure you are not mistaken. Please also state the name under which you checked in. If mistaken information is provided for either of these, it may not be possible to provide the required service.)
  • Click on the photographs of the companions, and having decided your preference, please let us know her name. Or, let us know you the type of lady you prefer (small, tall, big boobs,) amateur, girl who provides good service, etc.)
  • The required amount of service time (in units of 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, and 30 minutes.)
  • The preferred time of the service (the ladies will be moving by car, so please allow a few minutes either side of the preferred time of arrival.) Moving from Shinjuku to Shibuya requires approximately 30 minutes.
  • Please call us one hour before the required arrival time without fail. (Depending on the companion’s previous schedule and potential delays, there may be cases in which she is approximately 30 minutes late.)
  • Our sales staff will inform you of the fee. Please make sure that all fees are paid in Japanese yen.
    Our sales staff will request payment in advance, and you are required to conform to this.
    Note that there are cases in which additional charges will be made in accordance with our fee ranking system depending on the companion in question.

Our companion and a member of our sales staff will arrive at the predetermined time.

  • Our sales staff member will provide you with an agreement form before introducing you to the companion. You are required to sign this.
  • The agreement form lists the [Prohibited and Unacceptable Acts] that you are required to understand. Please read these carefully.
  • After you have signed the agreement and paid the fee to our sales staff member (cash only,) the companion will enter your room and our staff member will leave.

The companion will enter your room.

  • The companion will contact one of our branches to confirm the course time.
  • Your time with the companion will commence right after she finishes this call.
  • The companion will need to use the shower after the time has started. In the interests of hygiene, the customer is also required to enter the shower with her.

Basic Services

  • Deep kissing, unprotected fellatio, full-body lip service, intercrural sex (simulated insertion)

What type of business are we?

  • The Kagayaki Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ginza branches are run on a healthy basis while strictly observing the letter of the law.

We have absolutely no connections with the Japanese yakuza, the mafia or any other organized crime syndicate, so you are free to take advantage of our services with peace of mind.

Prohibited Acts

Actual sex (intercourse) is prohibited.

  • Intercourse is not possible with Japan’s sexual services (all services concentrate on hand and mouth services and simulated inserted. No intercourse.)
  • Make sure the fee is paid to the companion prior to the start of the service.
  • Make sure you take a shower with the companion prior to the start of service.
  • The service can only take place in the room previously advised to us. It is not possible to move to another location.
  • Violent conduct toward the companion is prohibited (conduct in which the companion experiences physical or mental pain.)
  • Only the companion and the customer may be in the room during the service (allowing other people into the room is prohibited.)

The companion will play the leading part in the service. (No intercourse.)
Please make sure you follow the companion’s instructions.

Failure to observe any of the above will result in the service being ended immediately.
Note that paid fees will not be refunded in this event.
(The details will also be reported to the police if we feel that the conduct was vicious.)

※If the customer is in violation of any of the items laid down in the agreement form, the service will be ended immediately and the companion will leave. Note that paid fees will not be refunded in this event.
(The details will also be reported to the police if we feel that the conduct was vicious.)
Note that there are cases in which the police will be called or an attorney contracted to file civil action against the customer if any of the prohibited acts are carried out.