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5/23(木) 未定
5/24(金) 未定
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5/27(月) 未定
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ID No.2145
Size 157/88(F)/57/83
Profession 受付嬢
This woman is a +9000 class woman
★ Reverse 3P cast possible ★
Super beautiful! This is a good female representative! F cup nice body! Sexy!
Every part is perfect for a beautiful look like a tall flower that suits Ginza!
The body is also sophisticated, and the goodness of the style can be seen even from the top of the clothes.
In particular, if you take off your clothes, you will be able to realize the amazingness of the beautiful breasts of the F cup that are so tight and the waist that draws a beautiful curve!
Ayana-chan” has a high repeat rate, and it is sometimes difficult to get a reservation due to the low attendance!
If you want to enjoy the atmosphere of an adult woman, this "Ayana-chan" is the rule! In addition, Ayana-chan will be available from 9,000 yen more than the regular price.


Option PLay

Cosplay (standard) 3,000yen Cosplay (low-priced) 2,000yen big vibrator 5,000yen
vibrator (Dildo type) 4,000yen vibrator (Capsule type) 2,000yen pantyhose 2,000yen
underwear take out 2,000yen