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ID No.1111
Size 161/85(E)/57/83
Profession タレント
It is the entrance of a beautiful woman who jumps over the super inexperienced in the industry. The overwhelming looks that can be said to be the cutest and too cute, and the cute and honest personality that everyone will agree with are very irresistible, and the small face and big eyes will heal you. And it's no exaggeration to say that her beautiful white-skinned slender body, her E-cup beautiful breasts, her well-shaped buttocks, and her beautiful slatted legs are pretty nasty. You will be able to enjoy a fantastic time with a girl who is neat and sexy, and you will be completely attracted to the girl in your body and mind! ! "Mina-chan" that our shop delivers with confidence is a girl who needs a complete reservation! ! In addition, Mina-chan will be introduced from 10,000 yen more than the regular price.


Option PLay

Cosplay (standard) 3,000yen Cosplay (low-priced) 2,000yen big vibrator 5,000yen
vibrator (Dildo type) 4,000yen vibrator (Capsule type) 2,000yen pantyhose 2,000yen
underwear take out 2,000yen