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SAKURA (サクラ)

SAKURA (サクラ)

SAKURA (サクラ)

SAKURA (サクラ)


5/23(木) 未定
5/24(金) 未定
5/25() 未定
5/26() 未定
5/27(月) 未定
5/28(火) 未定
5/29(水) 未定


ID No.1304
Size 164/91(H)/57/85
Profession グラビアアイドル
The beautiful, beautiful, beautiful milk beauty you've been waiting for and longing for!I can't show up because I'm an active gravure model, but I'll never let you regret it!As soon as you open the door, you will be captivated by the smile that spills from your beautifully organized features.It has a gorgeous body line and a rich bust line that you can clearly see from the top of your clothes.You'll definitely get more excited when you see your glossy, super-white skin and the ultimate natural dynamite Gcup bust!When your excitement reaches its peak and your skin gets tangled, blissful time awaits you ♪ Once you go to work, you'll be in the top 5 in both Heaven ranking and nomination rate! You're definitely a great talent!Please enjoy your time with her! Sakura-chan will be offered an additional ,13,000 from the regular price.


Option PLay

Cosplay (standard) 3,000yen Cosplay (low-priced) 2,000yen big vibrator 5,000yen
vibrator (Dildo type) 4,000yen vibrator (Capsule type) 2,000yen pantyhose 2,000yen
underwear take out 2,000yen