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special price

REPEAT Discount

Unlimited play with multiple women in one day,! challenge again course campaign!

I want to play with a different woman today! I want to pull out again!

I want to call both women, but I can't choose! Then, try the challenge again course!

After playing with one girl, I want to play again!

I still have energy to spare, my sexual desire hasn't subsided yet, I want to pull out again today!

Next time, I want to play with that woman again, this time in a more intense way!

We have opened a special course to satisfy these men's desires.

For the second woman, we will give you a ¥5,000 discount off the price!

You can use this course as many times as you like in one day, so please contact our staff.

※Only one man is allowed in any case. If more than one man is present, play will be suspended at that point and the fee will not be refunded.

Depending on the hotel, there may be an additional charge for women. In such cases, the extra charge will be borne by the customer.

Surrounded by the finest beauties, unique to Brilliance, taste all the women in front of you as you desire.